Hotel Unter den Linden *** | Schillerstraße 5, 3500 Krems / Donau, Austria

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Your hosts

Hospitality here is more than just a word.   
It is a value. Just like the regional nature, warmth, innovation and proven quality. These are the basic principles of the Best-of-Wachau-offer, ensuring an authentic Wachau experience.


We live hospitality

When Andrea took over the hotel in 1993, it meant a change into the fifth generation. In 2004 her husband Klaus joined.

"The hotel is our own house, where we actually live, therefore our own standard for hospitality and homeliness is very high.

We are the perfect team: Klaus is responsible for marketing and technology in the hotel. Andrea manages the food & beverage area and is also responsible for the interior decoration and furnishing. Big decisions, like personnel and reconstruction are always taken jointly. Here we act as a well-established team.

We both enjoy the most important part: to be with the guests. The success that the hotel experienced over the years inspires us to further new plans and actions." 

Your Family Grech

Our staff

Thomas Aigner


Thomas impresses with his precision and friendliness.

"The family-like atmosphere makes every day pleasant. I would like to pass on this positive feeling to our guests."

Mirsada Celovic

(Breakfast service)

She does everything in the hotel. If we need anything, she is there.

"I like the variety. I like learning new things. The atmosphere is very family-like and the pay is good."

Belma Celovic

(Room service)

Since September 2013 young mum Belma reinforces our chambermaid team.

"I really enjoy working here and I have lovely colleagues "

Claudia Bere

(Room service)

Diana Papp

(Kitchen + Room service)

Maria Schulz


Her precision, consideration and reliability reinforces our receptionist team.

"It is lovely here. We have a pleasant working environment."

Maija Puukka


Reinforcing our reception team since 2018.

Elfriede Mayrhofer

(Breakfast service)

What would be life in the hotel like without her smile?

"The hotel industry and gastronomy is my world. The working hours are perfect for me."

Mónika Varga-Szomos

(Room service)

Our new addition to the chamber maid team since March 2014.

"I enjoy the work, earn a good wage and have lovely colleagues and bosses"

Mirela Islamagic

(Kitchen + roomservice)

She stands for clean dinnerware