A sense of togetherness is the most valuable assets of an effective team.

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Klaus Grech & Andrea Grech-Alt

Andrea & Klaus Grech (Owners, Management)

"We may be the owners of the Hotel but also view ourselves as part of this fantastic and successful team, so our workplace is everywhere in the Hotel!" Klaus focuses on managing and co-ordinating technical matters, whereas Andrea is responsible for the whole interior design and decoration.

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Thomas Aigner (Reception)

The chief is glad about man reinforcement at long last. He excels in exactitude and friendliness.

"We have an excellent working atmosphere thanks to a really great team and we want to make our guests feel this unique sense of community."

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Maria Schulz (Reception)

Maria’s exactness, professionalism and reliability strengthens our reception team.

"I am happy to be here because we have a pleasant working atmosphere."

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Mirsada Celovic (Breakfast service)

She does everything in our Hotel and she’s always there to help you whenever needed.

"I love the variety my job offers me. I like to learn something new every day. I feel comfortable in our family atmosphere and also get a good pay."

Kitti Krapp (Breakfast service)

Our "Hello Kitti", supporting our breakfast team since March 2014.

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Klaudia Vágási (Chambermaid)

Maybe little in size but very big when it's about tidiness in the rooms. She always has a friendly smile for our guests.

Gertrude Spindler (Chambermaid)

Gerti has been with us for 5 years now and is a great help for the team.

Belma Celovic (Chambermaid)

Supports our chambermaid-team since 2013.

Mónika Rózsahegyi (Chambermaid)

Supports our chambermaid-team since March 2014.

Ewald Grillmayer (Maintenance Supervisor)


The caretaker of our hotel, always in a good temper and raising the team's mood with jokes.

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Renate Hackl

In charge of wrinkle-free table linen.